Sylwia Serafinowicz

Jake and Dinos Chapman

January 2018

Jake and Dinos Chapman’s solo show “The Disasters of Everyday Life” channeled modern anxiety; the artists, known for their longtime dedication to the issues of organized violence, addressed the contemporary and historic imagery of terror. … READ ON

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Monira Al Qadiri

November 2017

Monira Al Qadiri’s playful and engaging show “The Craft” was packed to the brim with conspiracy theory–like clues and references. The first of two rooms was almost completely dark; in the gloom, one made out only a replica of a hamburger … READ ON

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Rachel Pimm

October 2017

Rachel Pimm roots her practice in an awareness that we exist in the age of the Anthropocene—the new geological epoch, so named in the 1980s by ecologist and biologist Eugene F. Stoermer—in which human activity has become the most significant… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2017 [TOC]

“Queer British Art 1861–1967”

October 2017

The idea of encapsulating a nation’s history of queer art in a single show could easily have led to a neckbreaking curatorial endeavor going awry. What makes art queer or otherwise anyway? And how can one tell what is queer and what isn’t … READ ON

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Sorel Etrog

September 2017

Born in the small Romanian city of Ias¸i in 1933, Sorel Etrog rose to fame in his adoptive country of Canada, though he remains too little known abroad. To some audiences there, he is above all the author of somewhat cheeky public sculptures;… READ ON

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Hal Fischer

June 2017

A Salesman, 1979/2017, the central work that took up the entire back wall of the gallery in Hal Fischer’s exhibition “Gay Semiotics,” was originally installed as a billboard at the gateway to San Francisco’s Castro district, famously the … READ ON

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Mahmoud Bakhshi

May 2017

Mordad, the fifth month of the Iranian calendar, is the hottest time of year in the country. As it happens, both the coup d’état of 1953 and the start of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 occurred on the twenty-eighth of Mordad, or August 19, … READ ON

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Matt Golden

April 2017

The central work in Matt Golden’s solo show “Bisons” was He Who Eats the Durian Smells of Durian, 2016, a piece consisting of twenty full-page photographs as originally printed in the London-based magazines Wonderland and Rollacoaster. Torn… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2017 [TOC]

Edward Krasiński

April 2017

The oeuvre of Edward Krasiński (1925–2004), one of the most creative minds of the past century, is far from unfamiliar to me. Krasiński’s Warsaw apartment/studio was opened to the public in 2007 as the Avant-Garde Institute and quickly became… READ ON

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Robert Mapplethorpe

February 2017

Alison Jacques has represented the estate of Robert Mapplethorpe in the UK since 1999 and has showcased his work many times, often with the help of guest curators who either played an important role in the artist’s life or were influenced by… READ ON

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