T. J. Carlin

Debo Eilers

June 2011

In one of the two videos in the basement of this gallery, Debo Eilers slows down the mastication of handfuls of chocolate chip cookies and smears the tiled walls of the fluorescent-lit crawl space with the resulting substance––the only … READ ON


Liz Wendelbo

Liz Wendelbo discusses her recent work

March 2011

Liz Wendelbo is an artist who primarily works in film and photography. With Sean McBride she also plays in the Minimal Wave band Xeno & Oaklander. Wendelbo has recently shown her films at the New Museum and Microscope Gallery in New York, … READ ON


E’wao Kagoshima

February 2011

The bizarre bodies in E’wao Kagoshima’s pieces enact a narrow rubric of verbs: slithering, sliding, galumphing––but no sliming. For all their fluidity, the works on view, which span four decades and include figurative paintings as well as … READ ON


A. K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard

November 2010

A. K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard’s project “The Brown Bear: Neither Particular, Nor General” is a salon in all senses of the word. Over the course of two months, visitors are invited to propose and receive haircuts and hair removal (or … READ ON