Theodor Ringborg

Consensus" title=" Consensus"> Consensus

Signal - Center for Contemporary Art

October 2016

Consensus is an exhibition in the middle of an uneasy break––the way someone might, midsentence, struggle to find a word. Upon entering, one comes to a kind of pause that takes the show past the limits of saying something: By not perspicuously… READ ON


Sirous Namazi

November 2014

On November 15, 1978, the family home of the artist Sirous Namazi, located in Shiraz, Iran, was looted and vandalized as part of a systematic persecution of adherents of the Baha’i faith. No one was home. When the family returned to assess … READ ON

IN PRINT November 2014 [TOC]

David Larsson

Haninge Kulturhus

October 2014

There are many hembygdsgille—or historical societies—across Sweden, each one concerned with its own particular region or town. David Larsson, for this exhibition at Haninge Kulturhus, has worked closely with the hembygdsgille in the Stockholm… READ ON



Elastic Gallery

September 2014

The exhibition “post-excavation” takes on the moment following disinterment as its subject. Each of the exhibiting artists’ works concerns an uncovering—though none are quite about discovery, they are rather about display itself. For instance,… READ ON


Gunilla Klingberg

Malmö Konsthall

August 2014

Every year, the moon drifts farther away from Earth a distance equivalent to “the length of a worm,” in the lyrical words of astronomer Chris Impey. Consequently, because of a planetary tug-of-war that slows the planet down, today was fifty-four… READ ON


Jonas Dahlberg

Jonas Dahlberg discusses his commissioned memorial in Norway

July 2014

Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg was chosen last spring as the winner of a competition for a memorial in Norway to honor the victims of the July 22, 2011 attacks. His proposed piece, Memory Wound, is a cut across a peninsula that faces the island… READ ON


Gülsün Karamustafa

January 2014

At a time of political instability in Turkey following the large-scale protests over the intended demolition of Gezi Park in the center of Istanbul—protests that have come to symbolize issues from gentrification to democratic rights—Gülsün … READ ON

IN PRINT January 2014 [TOC]

Karl Holmqvist

Moderna Museet | Stockholm

June 2013

“Give poetry a try” is the irresistible slogan chosen by Karl Holmqvist as the title of his exhibition at the Moderna Museet. It’s a slogan that Holmqvist has used before, and it is, as slogans should be, a straightforward, encouraging one.… READ ON


“The Society Without Qualities”

Tensta Konsthall

April 2013

At the entrance of the exhibition “The Society Without Qualities,” two monitors and an original poster display images of another exhibition, “The Model – A Model for a Qualitative Society,” organized by Palle Nielsen at Moderna Museet in … READ ON


Beatrice Gibson


February 2013

Gregory Treverton, the director of RAND Center for Global Risk and Security, once distinguished between puzzles and mysteries—puzzles being made out of pieces of fact while mysteries are dependent on judgments and assessments of uncertainty.… READ ON