Tony Pipolo

Look Look Look Again

Tony Pipolo on the 6th First Look Festival

January 2017

AT A TIME when even high-profile movies face a nebulous afterlife, the First Look Festival at the Museum of the Moving Image, now in its sixth edition, has become increasingly indispensable to New York’s film community. Indeed, First Look is… READ ON


Film Cool

Tony Pipolo on Da´chi Sa´to

December 2016

FILM IS DEAD. Or so we’ve heard. The news must not have reached Canada, where Japanese-born filmmaker Daïchi Saïto has been working diligently in Super 8 and 16- and 35-mm since 2003. In 2012 he extended this focus with the dual 16-mm Never… READ ON


Dream Weaver

Tony Pipolo on “Life Is a Dream: The Films of Ra˙l Ruiz”

November 2016

PERHAPS THE MOST PROLIFIC FILMMAKER of the past half century, Chilean-born Raúl Ruiz made more than seventy features and twenty-five shorts between 1963 and his death in 2011. He discontinued his university studies in theology and law—although… READ ON



Tony Pipolo on Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) and At Land (1944)

November 2016

How can a little girl born in Russia and reared in Syracuse, New York, find happiness as a Voodoun priestess in Greenwich Village? That question sort of sums up the story of Maya Deren, who was one of the most complex and legendary personalities… READ ON

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Seeing Clearly

Tony Pipolo on Gianfranco Rosi’s Fire at Sea

October 2016

GIANFRANCO ROSI’S award-winning Fire at Sea comes as close as possible to achieving genuine objectivity, a quality that eludes most documentaries, including those that claim not to espouse a partisan viewpoint. True objectivity does not … READ ON


This Way and That

Tony Pipolo on Projections at the 54th New York Film Festival

October 2016

THE FIFTY-FOURTH NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL’S Projections sidebar is its most impressive to date. In addition to films by known masters, many new works are noteworthy. Among the stalwarts, Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler present new films, … READ ON


Paradise Gained

Tony Pipolo on Robert Aldrich

September 2016

THE FILMS OF ROBERT ALDRICH, like those of his contemporaries Douglas Sirk, Nicholas Ray, Anthony Mann, Raoul Walsh, Sam Fuller, and Otto Preminger, not only have stood the test of time but have become more affecting, more authentic, and more… READ ON


Universal Soldier

Tony Pipolo on Zachary Treitz’s Men Go to Battle

July 2016

NOTWITHSTANDING ITS SOMEWHAT GRANDIOSE and perhaps misleading title, Zachary Treitz’s Men Go to Battle is an earnestly conceived, modest achievement. The screenplay, cowritten by Treitz and Kate Lyn Sheil, no doubt speaks for the lives of … READ ON


After Life

Tony Pipolo on Tikkun

June 2016

THE HEBREW PHRASE TIKKUN OLAM literally means repair of the world. Strict Orthodox Judaism considers the term a call for “wiping out all forms of idolatry,” whereas contemporary, pluralistic Rabbis take it as a “commandment for people to … READ ON


Pope Star

Tony Pipolo on the 16th “Open Roads: New Italian Cinema” at Film Society

May 2016

GIVEN THE DOWNBEAT TONE of much of the Italian cinema represented in this year’s Open Roads series, it may not be mere coincidence that several entries pay tribute to the benevolent social reformism espoused by Francis, the current Pope. … READ ON