Travis Diehl

Julien Nguyen

Freedman Fitzpatrick

October 2016

What is a superpredator, anyway? The racist term has wormed back into prominence this election season: Hillary Clinton used it twenty years ago in reference to supposedly ruthless, remorseless young gangbangers. These days Donald Trump is … READ ON


Rafa Esparza and Timo Fahler

Club Pro

September 2016

“Creosote Dream,” Timo Fahler’s toxicolored series of tinted Hydrocal casts on chicken wire (all works cited, 2016), reads like a rain-damp desert fantasy. Yet the works also bear the impression of a creosote-poisoned telephone pole. Such a… READ ON


Xanti Schawinsky

Karma International | Los Angeles, Karma International | Los Angeles

September 2016

It’s hard to imagine a time when a circle could be read as rebuffing a square. But there it is: The double-donut-shaped formalism of Xanti Schawinsky’s final series, “Sphera,” executed in the late 1960s and early ’70s, offers a dusky update… READ ON


Amitai Romm and Jean Marc Routhier

Kunsthal 44 M°en

July 2016

On the campus of this contemporary kunsthalle on a rural Danish island, a late-nineteenth-century forge has been repurposed as a project space. For their installation piece you may cycle the layers without alteration, 2016, artists Amitai … READ ON


Thom Andersen

Thom Andersen talks about his films and politics

June 2016

Thom Andersen lives in Los Angeles. For over fifty years, his films, including Red Hollywood (1995) and Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003), have critically engaged the documentary form. A retrospective of his work will run at Anthology Film … READ ON


Mary Kelly

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

May 2016

Mary Kelly’s Circa 1968, 2004, renders a famous photo from May ’68: a woman in a crowd waving a Vietnamese flag, resembling Delacroix’s Liberté. In her “Circa Trilogy,” Kelly positions this formative political tableau between two others: a … READ ON


Hans-Christian Lotz

Dominique LÚvy | New York

May 2016

We can hardly imagine the banality of the ant farm for the ant, who carries on even when its digs are revealed in an anthropogenic, vertical slice. So what, then, is the secret life of the sawdust and shavings likewise vitrined in these five… READ ON


Great Ballz of Fire

April 2016

IT’S HAPPY HOUR IN AMERICA. A day’s work done, the gainfully, under- and self-employed rush home by way of a well-earned pint. On South Main Street in Los Angeles, from a sidewalk cluttered with chalkboards, a dozen upscale haunts beckon the… READ ON


Judy Fiskin

Richard Telles Fine Art

April 2016

“Last April,” says Judy Fiskin, “I turned seventy.” Her latest video, Three Funerals and Some Acts of Preservation, 2016, dryly ponders what comes next. Most of Three Funerals’s fifteen minutes follow conservation interns, khaki’d like … READ ON


Fiona Banner


February 2016

An unflattering view of a power suit’s trousers greets visitors to Fiona Banner’s exhibition: aqueous gray lines diverge down a big Day-Glo orange sheet to form Pinstripe Bum Face, 2015. If the intrepid financiers who steered the 2008 banking… READ ON