Trinie Dalton

Corita Kent

Portland Art Museum

October 2016

In an intimate gallery below a spectacularly fabulous Andy Warhol prints retrospective rests Sister Corita Kent’s contemplative antidote: a pithy hotbed of rainbow-hued prints that chart her trajectory from art-teaching nun to politically … READ ON


Pacific Objects

The 2nd Seattle Art Fair

August 2016 SEATTLE

ON ENTRY TO THE SEATTLE ART FAIR this past weekend, initial impressions belied major underlying tech support (pun intended), given its backing by Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen and some artworks mentioned in the New York Times write-up—like… READ ON


Susan Cianciolo

Yale Union (YU)

June 2016

Susan Cianciolo’s miniretrospective, collecting over twenty years of personal ephemera, reference material, and fashion sampling, is about invitation at its core. Lavish in its clarity of form, this tactile, spaciously curated series of … READ ON


Richard Hawkins, Sue Williams, “Tantra Song: Contemporary Paintings from Rajasthan”

December 2011

This year thirty-nine mesmeric abstract paintings from Rajasthan in “Tantra Song” at the Santa Monica Museum reminded me of how two Los Angeles–based artists’ seemingly disparate works about desire and physical intimacy bear real similarity.… READ ON



Niagara reflects on Destroy All Monsters

November 2011

Curated by PictureBox’s Dan Nadel and artist Mike Kelley, the first retrospective of work by the original members of Destroy All Monsters, the Ann Arbor, Michigan–based collective comprising Kelley, Carey Loren, Niagara, and Jim Shaw, opens… READ ON


Pearl Hsiung

November 2011

This exhibition showcases the metaphoric breadth Pearl Hsiung achieves through a spectacularly narrow visual vocabulary that is biomorphic, geological, and deliciously raunchy. Hsiung’s explosive lexicon in these roughly thirty-five paintings,… READ ON


Elliott Hundley

June 2011

“Semele,” Elliott Hundley’s latest exhibition and his second interpretation of the themes and interpersonal dramas in Euripedes’s The Bacchae, again showcases his characteristic conflation of collage with painting and sculpture, and his even… READ ON


Henry Taylor

April 2011

While Henry Taylor’s works are packed with references to African-American pop culture, their bric-a-brac aesthetic and homage to the annals of art history conjure a peculiarly ancient feeling. In large part this is due to the so-called … READ ON


Justin Lowe

March 2011

Given that Justin Lowe is well known for the grand-scale installations he’s made with Jonah Freeman, Lowe’s latest solo exhibition, “Hair of the Dog,” might be read as a microscopic glimpse into the duo’s source material; one leaves the show… READ ON


Road to the Oscars

Oscar weekend art in Los Angeles

March 2011 LOS ANGELES

PRE-OSCAR WEEKEND and its attendant art events always amplifies rifts in the Los Angeles art community. There are those who think mixing art and Hollywood is a terrible idea, and there are those who find the whole procedure enticing. For the… READ ON