William Ganis

Kelly Richardson

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

April 2013

“Legion” is attitudinally split between room-size, seemingly earnest video installations and smaller, witty videos. This division might lead one to believe that Kelly Richardson loses her appreciation for humor and comic absurdity when working… READ ON


Kristine Moran

Daniel Faria Gallery

November 2012

Kristine Moran departs from her more representational work of recent years in her latest solo exhibition, which comprises nine polymorphic oil works painted in 2012. Bits of illusionistic architecture and landscape nevertheless remain present… READ ON


Carl Ostendarp

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

March 2012

In subversive institutional interventions, Carl Ostendarp transforms two of the Johnson Museum’s galleries with offbeat art selections, intensely pigmented murals, and pulsing music. Following curatorial incursions like Andy Warhol’s “Raid … READ ON



Canadian Museum of Nature

February 2012

In “Preternatural,” curator Celina Jeffery addresses ways that contemporary art constructs epistemologies beyond the scientific; in so doing, she offers compelling counterexamples to the disconnect between spirituality and contemporary art … READ ON


Victoria Sambunaris

December 2011

A name like “Kodachrome Basin” for a Utah park speaks to epistemological troubles for the American landscape, many of which have been captured through iconic, lens-based imagery. But what of “actual” spaces not set aside to satisfy aesthetic… READ ON