William Pym

Whatever Works

The launch of “No Soul for Sale” at X

June 2009 NEW YORK

AN APOCALYPTIC MONSOON SEASON in Manhattan abated briefly on Tuesday, just in time for the apocalyptic opening of “No Soul For Sale,” a five-day “festival” in Chelsea for thirty-eight nonprofit and independent art spaces and publications from… READ ON


Philip-Lorca diCorcia

March 2009

With one thousand little Polaroids rested on an aluminum rail that snakes around the gallery’s perimeter and a whorl of temporary walls, Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s debut at this gallery is an incredibly slow burn. Preparatory shots and alternative… READ ON


“Manzoni: A Retrospective”

February 2009

The Piero Manzoni retrospective at this gallery surpasses a “definitive” designation in such emphatic fashion that the casual qualifications for “museum-quality” exhibitions in commercial spaces must now be rewritten. If a dealer can uproot… READ ON


Something About Mary

Mary Heilmann at the New Museum

October 2008 NEW YORK

It’s hard to imagine an artist having a busier or fizzier moment after forty active years than Mary Heilmann. In the past twelve months, she’s taken on the Whitney Biennial, concurrent covers of Artforum and Art in America, Matthew Marks and… READ ON


“Friends and Family”

July 2008

With eighty-eight works and a gimmick, “Friends and Family” fulfills the summer group exhibition’s typical requirements. The lion’s share of the gallery’s artists get work carted out of the studio or dusted off from storage, and the curatorial… READ ON


Wiley Style

Kehinde Wiley at the Studio Museum

July 2008 NEW YORK

“Kehinde. Wiley. The World. Stage. Africa. Lagos. Dakar,” proclaimed an echoey DJ via all-weather speakers bolted above the entrance to the Studio Museum in Harlem on Wednesday night. Noising up the crowd, another palpitating Afrobeat rhythm… READ ON


Steve Powers

December 2007

In thirteen years as a downtown New York artist, Steve Powers has defined a graffiti writer’s postgraffiti trajectory. The period of intense urban surveillance and listening to voices on many streets has left him with a dappled, authoritative… READ ON


Sean Duffy

November 2007

Los Angeles–based sculptor Sean Duffy’s The Grove, 2006, which makes its East Coast debut in this exhibition, is an installation of several homemade trestle tables, two hundred LPs divided in similarly customized crates, eighteen turntables,… READ ON


Zoe Strauss

October 2007

A miniature and charming student-curated space at the Tyler School of Art is an unusual stage for an artist with a widely praised room in the last Whitney Biennial under her belt, but Zoe Strauss relentlessly subverts the commercial demands… READ ON


Martin Honert

September 2007

There are two new sculptures in this exhibition. Martin Honert is not a prolific artist, so much so that even casual followers of his work will recognize most of the twenty-eight preparatory sketches making up the print portfolio that lines… READ ON