Zach Baron

A Farewell to Arms

Rivington Arms’s final show

December 2008 NEW YORK

MEMORIES OF RIVINGTON ARMS form a palimpsest: the old, bright white gallery space on Rivington Street; cadged to-go margaritas in Styrofoam cups from the Hat down the street; the ever-present opening sidewalk sprawl. There were the close … READ ON


Centre and Periphery

A celebration of Phill Niblock's 75th birthday

October 2008 NEW YORK

“I don’t know what 95 percent of you are doing,” admitted Katherine Liberovskaya, the Montreal-based video artist and organizer—sort of—of the forty-four poets, musicians, and filmmakers gathered to pay homage to the composer Phill Niblock … READ ON


Riding the Wave

The launch of No Wave

June 2008 NEW YORK

How many photographs of downtown scenestress and musician Lydia Lunch can one person stand? Scholars in future generations will now be able to piece together pretty much every outfit the postpunk doyenne ever wore in her first five years in… READ ON


Swimming Upstream

A film about Arthur Russell

May 2008 NEW YORK

Is any genre more despicable, more dependably hollow, than the rock documentary? The avalanche of peripheral figures; the unflagging unanimity of praise; the dull, paradoxical insistence that “you had to be there” (if we had to be there, why… READ ON


Continuing Education

Ikue Mori at the Japan Society

March 2008 NEW YORK

In 1977, Ikue Mori moved from Tokyo to New York. She was in her early twenties, spoke no English, knew no one, and was due back—she’d promised her mother—in three months. Wandering around the Lower East Side, she met a guitarist, Arto Lindsay,… READ ON



A Guggenheim ball for Ryan McGinley

December 2007 NEW YORK

Last Thursday’s Young Collectors Council Artist’s Ball at the Guggenheim brought uptown a low-life tableau appropriate to its guest of honor, the photographer Ryan McGinley. Plausibly candid yet staged, intoxicated, and headlined by the artist… READ ON


Eye of the Storm

77BOADRUM in Brooklyn

July 2007 BROOKLYN

“YOU are the 78th member!” explained Boredoms band leader Yamataka Eye in the program notes for 77BOADRUM, a once-in-a-lifetime performance held last Saturday by the Osaka, Japan, noise-rock quartet. “This is because the sound will spiral … READ ON


High Life, Low Life

The High Line and No Fun fests

May 2007 NEW YORK

Two days before the end of the first-annual H&M High Line Festival, performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson stood onstage at the Highline Ballroom and asked, “Don’t you love whores?” The festival’s producers, Josh Wood and David … READ ON


Dead Beat

A performance at Reena Spaulings

April 2007 NEW YORK

Information was deliberately scarce on Sunday, when Chinatown gallery Reena Spaulings hosted an event to mark the opening of a show called “Dead Already,” a spur-of-the-moment collaboration between Kim Gordon and Jutta Koether. Dance (“a … READ ON


Tone Poems

Concerts by Patti Smith and Text of Light

January 2007 NEW YORK

For a Thursday-night program enigmatically promoted as “an evening of words and song,” Patti Smith took just the length of a poem to set the evening’s tone, letting us in on the joke: “Should I clap quiet, because it’s a poem?” she wondered… READ ON