Zachary Sachs

“Sites of Knowledge”

Jane Lombard Gallery

June 2017

The opaque construction of meaning in art has long posed itself in opposition to more direct performances of verbal language. Both practices can resemble board games, as units of visual or linguistic significance can be reduced to tokens that… READ ON


“The Arcades: Contemporary Art and Walter Benjamin”

The Jewish Museum

April 2017

For Walter Benjamin, Paris was the capital of the nineteenth century, not only a center of cultural production but a capital as metaphor—a metonymy for modernity more generally. The contrast between its chaotic street life and the orderly … READ ON


Klaus Wittkugel and Anton Stankowski

OSMOS Address

February 2016

A column protruding from the gallery’s plate-glass storefront is papered with reproductions of 1930s to 1970s posters and graphic design from East and West Germany. Inside, the varied products of Klaus Wittkugel, a central figure in Eastern… READ ON


Harsh Patel


March 2014

Harsh Patel’s New York debut presents a knee-high platform covered edge to edge with monochrome plotter prints, in which graphics interleave bits of signs, photographs, and mysterious symbols into an obscure iconography. One panel, Blix, … READ ON


“Drawing Time, Reading Time”

The Drawing Center

December 2013

“Drawing Time, Reading Time” alternates between the temporal condition of text, which is read in sequence, and that of the image, which is apprehended more or less all at once. Included in this exhibition—which is felicitously paired with … READ ON


Gabrielle Ferrer

Steve Turner Contemporary

April 2013

Gabrielle Ferrer’s solo debut, “Transparent Things,” combines three distinct bodies of work interleaved in snaky digressions around the upstairs gallery. Framed pages torn from an exhibition catalogue depicting Navajo weavings—from the Los … READ ON


Luigi Ghirri

Matthew Marks Gallery | 526 W. 22nd Street

April 2013

Luigi Ghirri was fascinated by the implications of the photograph’s two-dimensionality—its capacity for narrowness and opacity. None of the twenty-five vintage photographs shown here (all part of Ghirri’s self-published Kodachrome, 1978) … READ ON


“Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists’ Scrapbooks”

Andrew Roth

March 2013

Art historian Alex Kitnick muses that scrapbooks, like sketchbooks, act as “research and development” for artists: Their pages show a variety of approaches to dealing with a framing device and each demonstrate a range of modes and energies.… READ ON


“Architektonika 2”

Hamburger Bahnhof

September 2012

In the long warehouselike Rieckhallen extension at the Hamburger Bahnhof, curator Gabriele Knapstein’s current group show explores how architecture both structures and delimits urban life. A series of bright, high-ceilinged rooms showcase … READ ON


“Graphic Design—Now in Production”

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution

August 2012

A low-ceilinged space in a former warehouse is an odd place to witness the assembled forces of contemporary graphic design; it’s nonetheless the site of “Now In Production,” a survey on Governor’s Island organized by the Cooper-Hewitt and … READ ON