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Today is:May 24, 2017
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Wednesday, May 24

  • There are no openings scheduled for this date.

  • Galleries

  • Collective Gallery

    38 Calton Hill  / +441315561264 /
    Tue - Sun 10am to 5pm

    An exhibition by Adam Lewis Jacob with works by Donald Rooum Emotional Need

    May 27 - Jul 2, 2017 Reception: Fri May 26 6pm - 8pm

    ‘Emotional Need’ explores the life and work of anarchist cartoonist Donald Rooum.

  • Dovecot Gallery

    10 Infirmary Street  / +441315503660 /

    Dovecot Gallery is a landmark centre for contemporary art, craft and design. Please contact the gallery for more information.
  • Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

    21 Hawthornvale, Bill Scott Sculpture Centre  / +441315514490 /

    Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is a centre for production, research and learning which presents exhibitions of contemporary art.
  • Embassy Gallery

    10b Broughton Street Lane /
    Thu - Sun 12pm to 6pm

    EMBASSY is a non-profit making artist-run gallery founded in 2004. We hold a yearly programme of exhibitions and events.
  • The Fruitmarket Gallery

    45 Market Street  / +441312252383 /
    Mon - Sat 11am to 6pm, Sun 12pm to 5pm

    Mark Wallinger Mark

    Mar 4 - Jun 4, 2017

    Mark Wallinger has been making art since the mid 1980s. Known for a practice as stylistically diverse as it is politically engaged.

  • Ingleby Gallery

    6 Carlton Terrace  / +441315564441 /
    Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm

    Ben Cauchi, Susan Collis and per se and: Part VI

    May 17 - 27, 2017

    and per se and is a rolling sequence of exhibitions where one work is paired with another for two weekly periods, for 12 months.

  • Royal Scottish Academy

    The Mound  / +441312256671 /
    Mon - Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun 12pm to 5pm

    Royal Scottish Academy specializes in modern and contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.
  • Scottish National Gallery

    The Mound  / +441316246200 /

    The Scottish National Gallery is in the heart of Edinburgh and houses one of the best collections of fine art in the world.
  • Stills Gallery | Edinburgh

    23 Cockburn Street  / +441316226200 /
    11am to 6pm daily

    Stills Gallery opened in 1977 as Scotland’s first gallery specialising in contemporary photography.
  • Talbot Rice Gallery | The University of Edinburgh

    The University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge  / +441316502210 /
    Tue - Fri 10am to 5pm, Sat 12pm to 5pm

    Talbot Rice Gallery is the public art gallery of the University of Edinburgh showing contemporary and historical exhibitions and events.
  • Museums

  • Jupiter Artland

    Bonnington House Steadings, Wilkieston  / +441506889900 /

    Jupiter Artland is an outdoor contemporary sculpture park. Please contact the organization for more information.
  • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

    75 Belford Road  / +441316246200 /
    10am to 5pm daily

    Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art presents exhibitions and collections of modern and contemporary art.
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery

    1 Queen Street  / +441316246401 /
    10am to 5pm daily, Thu 10am to 7pm

    Scottish National Portrait Gallery opened to the public in 1889 as the world’s first purpose-built portrait gallery.
  • Special events

  • Edinburgh Art Festival

    2 Market Street  / +441312266558 /

    Jul 27 - Aug 27, 2017

    Edinburgh Art Festival 2017