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Today is:January 18, 2018
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Thursday, January 18

  • There are no openings scheduled for this date.

  • Museums

  • Israel Museum

    Derech Ruppin 11  / +97226708811 /
    Wed - Thu 10am to 5pm, Fri 10am to 2pm, Sat - Sun 10am to 5pm, Tue 4pm to 9pm

    Israel Museum presents exhibitions and collections of ancient to modern art. Please contact museum for more information.

    Julian Rosefeldt Manifesto

    Dec 12, 2017 - Apr 7, 2018

  • L.A. Mayer | The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem

    2, Hapalmach Street  / +97225661291 /
    Sun - Mon 10am to 3pm, Sat 10am to 4pm, Sat 10am to 2pm

    L.A. Mayer’s permanent collections constitute one of the most important exhibitions of Islamic art in the world.