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Today is:January 16, 2018
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Tuesday, January 16

  • There are no openings scheduled for this date.

  • Galleries

  • Aaran Gallery

    No.12, Dey St., North Kheradmand Ave  / +982188829086 /
    1pm to 7pm daily

    Aaran Gallery aims to create a forum for the promotion of the Iranian arts and Iranian contemporary artists. Please contact for more info.

    No. 2, Roshan Manesh Alley, Khaqani St  / +982188860703 /
    Sun - Fri 12pm to 8pm

    AB-ANBAR's ethos is to stay borderless through an exhibitions programme that responds to our locality, alongside the ever-changing global.
  • Ag Galerie

    #3 Pesyan St., Valiasr St.  / +982126851748 /

    Ag Galerie is a privately owned space wholly devoted to exhibiting contemporary works of art photography by established Iranian artists.
  • Assar Art Gallery

    Barforooshan, No. 16  / +982188326689 /
    Sun - Thu 11am to 8pm, Fri 4pm to 8pm

    Assar Art Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary Iranian art. Please contact gallery for more information.

    Javad Modaresi Bisotun

    Jan 5 - 26, 2018

  • Dastan's Basement

    No. 6, Bidar St, Fereshteh St  / +982122023114 /
    Mon - Sat 4pm to 8pm

    The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting emerging artists as well as experimental projects by established Iranian artists.
  • Emkan

    No.77, Aqa mohamadi Alley, Hafte Tir Square  / +982188824520 /
    Sun - Fri 5pm to 9pm

    Not limited to any specific medium, Emkan tries to define itself through the context from all activities taken place in the gallery.
  • Etemad Gallery

    No.4, Boukan St.  / +982122724442 /
    Tue - Sun 2pm to 8pm

    Etemad gallery is committed to raising the profile of Iranian contemporary art by featuring emerging and established artists.
  • Homa Art Gallery

    No.8, West 4th Alley, Sanaee St., Karimkhan St.  / +982188863596 /

    Homa Art Gallery reviews Iranian contemporary and modern visual arts and promotes emerging artists in Iran and abroad.
  • Lajevardi Foundation Art Space

    No. 20, Sepand, Villa St., Ground floor, Building No. 32  / +982188911690 /

    Lajevardi Foundation Art space is designed to exhibit paintings, sculpture and installations through independent and collaborative projects.
  • Mohsen Gallery

    42, Mina Blvd., Nurbakhsh St., Farzan St., Nadji St., Zafar  / +982122255354 /
    Fri - Wed 4pm to 10pm

    Mohsen Gallery is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Tehran.
  • O Gallery

    46 Khosrow Alley, Villa (Nejat-ol Lahi) Street  / +982188922028 /
    Sun - Thu 12pm to 8pm, Fri 4pm to 9pm

    O Gallery aims to introduce and further establish young and emerging artists in all media to the primary market locally and internationally.
  • Seyhoun Gallery

    Vozara Ave. 4th street # 30  / +982188711305 /
    11am to 7pm daily

    Seyhoun Gallery specializes in contemporary Iranian art. Please contact gallery for more information.
  • Shahrivar Gallery

    No. 9 Hormoz Alley, North Khazar St., Elahiyeh  / +982126601049 /

    Shahrivar Gallery specializes in contemporary Iranian art. Please contact gallery for more information.
  • Shirin Art Gallery | Tehran

    No. 5, 13th St., Sanaee St., Karimkhan Zand Ave.  / +982188343969 /
    11am to 8pm daily

    Shirin Art Gallery, established since 2005, is dedicated to the presentation and promotion of emerging as well as established artists.
  • Museums

  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

    N Kargar St  / +982188961081 /

    Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits modern and contemporary art from its collection and through temporary exhibitions.