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Today is:August 20, 2017
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Sunday, August 20

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  • Abel Contemporary Gallery - formerly the Artisan Gallery

    6858 Paoli Road  / +16088456600 /
    Tue - Sun 10am to 5pm

    Ann Orlowski, Rachel Bruya, Ted Lott. Richard Jones, Trina May Smith, Mi In the Cooler: Building the Future

    Jul 28 - Sep 10, 2017

    Art and Architecture are inextricably bound, and the convergence of these two aesthetic elements of society create a captivating reflection.

    Jonathan Wilde, Gregory Schulte, Reid Schoonover, Paul Nitsche, Alicia C Group Show: Exquisite

    Jul 28 - Sep 10, 2017

    Unabashedly beautiful, the objects in this exhibit showcase the work of artist who have refined their craft to the furthest degree.

    Randall Berndt The Romance of Unruly Dreams

    Jul 28 - Sep 10, 2017

    Steeped in art History, the drawings and paintings of Madison artist, Randall Berndt, are part personal narrative fused with fables