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Today is:February 28, 2017
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Tuesday, February 28

  • There are no openings scheduled for this date.

  • Galleries

  • City Limits

    300 Jefferson Street  / +19172679587 /
    1pm to 5pm daily

    City Limits is an artist-run gallery in Oakland, California open Sundays and by-appointment.
  • Creative Growth

    355 24th Street  / +15108362340 /
    Mon - Fri 10am to 4:30pm, Sat 10am to 3pm

    Creative Growth specializes in contemporary work made by artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities.
  • Interface Gallery

    486 49th Street  / +14159908028 /
    Wed - Sun 11am to 4pm

    Maysha Mohamedi and Julia Haft-Candell The 8th Dimension

    Feb 17 - Mar 19, 2017

    The 8th Dimension brings together the work of two LA based artists, painter Maysha Mohamedi and ceramic sculptor, Julia Haft-Candell.

  • Johansson Projects

    2300 Telegraph Avenue  / +15104449140 /
    Thu - Sat 1pm to 5pm

    Johansson Projects specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.


    Jan 8 - Mar 11, 2017


    Pro Arts

    150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza  / 5107634361 /
    Tue - Fri 10am to 5pm, Sat 11am to 4pm

    Pro Arts is an Oakland-based regional organization that encourages change in and through the arts to invigorate our communities.
  • Royal NoneSuch Gallery

    4231 Telegraph Avenue  / +14156903041 /
    Sat - Sun 1pm to 4pm

    Jäson Jagel, Juan Luna-Avin Experts in Strangers’ Dreams

    Mar 3 - Apr 9, 2017 Reception: Fri Mar 3 7pm - 10pm

    an immersive installation inspired by a shared affinity for the urgency found in underground comics, films, and music.

  • SLATE contemporary

    473 25th Street  / +15106524085 /
    Thu - Sat 12pm to 5pm

    SLATE contemporary specializes in formal art with a strong interest in abstract painting and photography, as well as street photography.
  • Museums

  • Mills College Art Museum

    5000 MacArthur Boulevard  / +15104302164 /
    Tue - Sun 11am to 4pm, Wed 11am to 7:30pm

    Diana Al-Hadid Diana Al-Hadid

    Jan 18 - Mar 12, 2017

    The sculptures and paintings of Syrian-born Al-Hadid (1981- ) appear to be trapped in an eternal moment of precariousness and decay. Inspire

    Elena Dorfman Elena Dorfman: Syria’s Lost Generation

    Jan 18 - Mar 12, 2017

    Through portraiture and audio recordings, Elena Dorfman (1965- ) offers a humanistic perspective to the Syrian conflict, a global crisis ...

  • Oakland Museum of California

    1000 Oak St.  / +15103188400 /
    Wed 11am to 5pm, Thu 11am to 5pm, Fri 11am to 9pm, Sat 10am to 6pm, Sun 10am to 6pm

    The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) brings together collections of art, history and natural science under one roof.