audience expands the editorial excellence of Artforum magazine by providing compelling and insightful art news, reviews, and information online. In addition to selected excerpts from the magazine, has a host of Web-exclusive features, including its widely read diary Scene & Herd, as well as news and reviews that are updated each weekday. As a result, the site has become an essential resource for a growing art-world audience that is sophisticated, engaged, and poised to spend.

The audience is:

58% male; 42% female

60% earn $50,000+; 35% earn $100,000+
73% between 25 and 44; 50% between 25 and 34
89% have completed college; 60% have done postgraduate work

1 out of 2 visitors comes several times a week if not every day
70% consider the site essential
84% describe the site as smart
90% are likely to recommend to a friend