Bruno Querci

A arte Invernizzi
Via D. Scarlatti 12
November 21, 2017–January 31, 2018

View of “Bruno Querci,” 2017.

Painting light as an energy emanating from form: This is the goal that has guided the creative progress of Bruno Querci for over four decades. That objective that also emerges from this two-story exhibition comprising seminal works from the 1980s as well as great recent works all made for the occasion. Querci’s output, particularly from those earlier years, is presented as an alternative to dominant neo-expressionist trends, focusing instead on scaling back as a means of rediscovering painting’s fundamental aspects, particularly via the elementary, dynamic relationship between black and white.

Ideally contextualized in traditions of treating visual material as pure energy—rooted in the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich and the black depths of Ad Reinhardt as well as the spatial rips of Lucio Fontana and the luminous articulations of Francesco Lo Savio, Querci renders vision’s essence almost tangible in the light. Hence the title of the exhibition, “Energicoforma,” which hints at the indivisibility of shape from its intrinsic, almost physiological energy. Querci excavates black forms against white grounds—first irregular and later more geometric—or vice versa, as if to represent an infinite realm wherein light is a concrete and generative component of space. Polarizing these two non-colors, he intends not so much to create perceptual illusions of depth and surface, but rather to give his images almost a dense, corporeal form. Light, shape, and energy: These are the primal points of reference guiding the construction and the physical rhythms of his painting, in the alternation of white and black as energy radiating outward intermittently, as if forming interweaving strata.

Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore.

— Francesca Pola