Summer 1968

Table of Contents



    Annette Michelson on What is Cinema?
  • FILM

    Manny Farber on La Chinoise and Belle de Jour

  • Evaluations and Re-Evaluations
    Sidney Tillim
  • Soutine and the Problem of Expressionism
    Hilton Kramer
  • Romantic Painting in England
    Jerrold Lanes
  • The Shape of the Art Environment
    Allan Kaprow
  • Richard Van Buren, David Novros, Charles Ross
    Emily Wasserman
  • New Paintings by Larry Poons
    Kermit Champa
  • Greg Card and Mary Corse
    Two Younger Los Angeles Artists
  • A Note on Golub
    Robert Pincus-Witten
  • Museum Calendar