February 1970

Table of Contents


  • FILM

    Manny Farber on The Ten Best: Black Girl, Ma Nuit Chez Maud, Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son, ←→, Ghronik der Anna Magdalena Bach
  • Manny Farber on Le Gai Savoir, The Wild Bunch, Easy Rider, The Rain People, High School, La Raison Avant La Passion
  • Manny Farber on They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and La Femme Infidèle

  • Alice’s Head: Reflections on Conceptual Art
    Jack Burnham
  • City vs. Country: The Rural Image in French Painting
    Robert L. Herbert
  • Uses and Misuses of the Recent Past
    Gabriel Laderman
  • Wittgenstein’s Architecture
    Herbert Leitner
  • Richard Tuttle
    Robert Pincus-Witten