May 1970

Table of Contents



    H. Allen Brooks on L’Esprit Nouveau
  • Ralph Gibson on The Americans
  • FILM

    Manny Farber on Loving, Zabriskie Point, Topaz, The Damned, and Au Hasard Balthazar

  • Die Brücke at Cornell
    Reinhold A. Heller
  • Morris Louis: Unfurleds and Omegas
    Kenworth Moffett
  • A Synthesis
    Alan Saret
  • Geometric Abstract Painting and Paris in the Thirties, Part I
    John Elderfield
  • An Interview with Eva Hesse
    Cindy Nemser
  • Paolo Soleri
    Donald Wall
  • Excerpts from Speculation (1967-1970)
    Mel Bochner