January 1972

Table of Contents



  • On Albers' Color
    Margit Rowell
  • A Note on Dan Flavin
    Kenneth Baker
  • A Better World in Birth
    Joseph Masheck
  • Chuck Ginnever
    Kenneth Baker
  • Boston Painting 1880-1930
    Jerrold Lanes
  • Cork: Irish Painting in the 19th Century
    John Elderfield
  • New Work of Helen Frankenthaler
    Kermit Champa
  • Problems of Representation
    Jerrold Lanes
  • Meaning in the Art of Duchamp, Part II
    Willis Domingo
  • “This Is Not Here” (A Report on the Yoko Ono Retrospective at Syracuse)
    Emily Wasserman
  • Los Angeles: Barbara Munger
    Jane Livingston
  • Los Angeles: The Market Street Program
    Peter Plagens