February 1972

Table of Contents


  • Bruce Nauman: Another Kind of Reasoning
    Robert Pincus-Witten
  • An Interview with John Chamberlain
    Phyllis Tuchman
  • On Chamberlain’s Interview
    Barbara Rose
  • The Futurist Campaign
    Max Kozloff
  • Meditations Around Paul Strand
    Hollis Frampton
  • Minneapolis: Burgoyne Diller
    Robert Pincus-Witten
  • Richard Diebenkorn: Cloudy Skies over Ocean Park
    Jerrold Lanes
  • Drawing and the True Rodin
    Albert Elsen
  • Mondrian and the Issue of Relationships
    William C. Seitz
  • San Francisco: Terry Fox
    Peter Plagens