May 1972

Table of Contents


  • FILM

    Paul J. Arthur on Esthetic Polarity in Independent Cinema, Wintersoldier, Running Shadow, Easyout and Meditation
  • Paul J. Arthur on July 1971 — In San Francisco, Living at Beach Street, Working at Canyon Cinema, Swimming in the Valley of the Moon

  • Jo Baer: Notes on 5 Recent Paintings
    Carter Ratcliff
  • Utopia/Anti-Utopia
    Leon Golub
  • Keith Sonnier: Video and Film as Color-Field
    Robert Pincus-Witten
  • Richard Serra: Sculpture Redrawn
    Rosalind Krauss
  • An Interview with Composer Steve Reich
    Emily Wasserman
  • London: Roeluf Louw
    Kenneth Baker
  • Grids
    John Elderfield
  • The Films of Harry Smith
    P. Adams Sitney
  • The Whitney Annual, Part II
    Carter Ratcliff
  • Douglas Huebler
    April Kingsley
  • The Decline and Rise of Younger Los Angeles Art
    Peter Plagens