September 1972

Table of Contents


  • Network: The Art World Described as a System
    Lawrence Alloway
  • The Trouble with Art-as-Idea
    Max Kozloff
  • Talking at Pomona
    David Antin
  • A View of Modernism
    Rosalind Krauss
  • Notes on Patronage: the 1960s
    Francis V. O’Connor
  • Screen/Surface: The Politics of Illusionism
    Annette Michelson
  • Rosenquist and Samaras: The Obsessive Image and Post-Minimalism
    Robert Pincus-Witten
  • El Lissitzky, The Avant-Garde, and The Russian Revolution
    Alan C. Birnholz
  • Matisse Drawings and Sculpture
    John Elderfield
  • Report: The First Festival of Women’s Films
    Joan Braderman