September 1978

Table of Contents


  • Two Critics: Thomas B. Hess and Harold Rosenberg
    Donald B. Kuspit
  • Beginning Again
    Marcia Hafif
  • Chicago’s Emotional Realists
    Joanna Frueh
  • William Baziotes: Primeval Sentiment
    Peter Plagens
  • Death and Maternal Love: Psychological Speculations on Robert Motherwell’s Art
    Jonathan Fineberg
  • Composite Imagery and the Origins of Photomontage, Part I: The Naturalistic Strain
    Robert A. Sobieszek
  • Capital Follies
    Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
  • Jake Berthot’s Recent Work
    Steven Kasher
  • The Venice Biennale: Can It Rise Again?
    Jan van der Marck
  • Artist Projects