December 1978

Table of Contents



    Joseph Masheck on The Decorated Letter, Manuscript Painting at the Court of France: The Fourteenth Century (1310–1380), and The Icon
  • Joseph Masheck on Beyond Time and Place, and Modern Art 1890–1918
  • Joseph Masheck on La Belle Epoque: Fifteen Euphoric Years of European History
  • Joseph Masheck on Islamic Architecture and Architecture of the Islamic World: Its History and Social Meaning
  • Joseph Masheck on Minor White: Rites & Passages; His Photographs Accompanied by Excerpts from his Diaries and Letters

  • Five Unpublished Letters from Ad Reinhardt to Thomas Merton and Two in Return
  • Illusive Spaces: The Art of Mary Miss
    Ronald J. Onorato
  • Lucio Pozzi: From the Particular to the General
    Tiffany Bell
  • Malevich and Khlebnikov: Suprematism Reinterpreted
    Rainer Crone
  • Matisse the Representational Artist
    Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
  • Four British Painters
    John McEwen
  • Coming to Terms with the “Treasures of Mexico”
    Barbara Braun