January 1981

Table of Contents



    Robert Broner on American Prints and Printmakers: A chronicle of over 400 artists and their prints from 1900 to the present
  • Joseph Masheck on Moholy Nagy: Photographs and Photograms, The First Moderns: The Architects of the Eighteenth Century
  • Joseph Masheck on The Evolution of Designs: Biological Analogy in Architecture and the Applied Arts
  • Joseph Masheck on Kandinsky in Munich: The Formative Jugendstil Years
  • Artforum on Art Deco, The Arts and Crafts Movement, In China, Art and Archaeology in China, Rings of Stone
  • Artforum on Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Billboard Art, Champfleury: The Realist Writer as Art Critic
  • Artforum on Art Critics and the Avant-Garde, Myth in Surrealist Painting, 1929-1939, Surrealism and the Crisis of the Object
  • Artforum on Artists and Revolution: Dada and the Bauhaus, 1917-1925, Chance: A Perspective on Dada
  • Artforum on The Surrealist Connection: An Approach to a Surrealist Aesthetic of Theatre
  • Artforum on The Great Book of French Impressionism by Diane Kelder and The Great Book of French Impressionism by Horst Keller
  • Parker Hodges on Guacamole Airlines and Other Drawings, Grants for the Arts, Artist Beware, Reservations, St. Louis & the Arch

  • In Between the Dark and the Light (Television/Society/Art: A Symposium)
    Constance DeJong
  • Dividing the Light from the Darkness (James Turrell)
    Kay Larson
  • Keith Sonnier’s Pictograms
    Ted Castle
  • Futurism and the Occult
    Germano Celant
  • Futurism and Musical Notes
    Daniele Lombardi
  • Some Posters from Fashion Moda
  • The Unhappy Consciousness of Modernism
    Donald B. Kuspit
  • Nature as Source in Athena Tacha’s Art
    Ellen H. Johnson