May 1999

Table of Contents


  • Regional Exhibitions

    Fifty-five shows worldwide
  • US News

    Peter Plagens on the Whitney Biennale
  • Peter Plagens on the MoMA/ P.S. 1 merger
  • Lee Smith on Lisa Phillips
  • Katy Siegel on Catherine de Zegher
  • Alissa Quart on Dia-on-Hudson
  • Daniel Schneider on Mass MoCA
  • Steven Henry Madoff on LA MoCA
  • Travel Brief

    Exhibitions on the Road
  • US Shorts

    Matthew DeBord
  • World Report

    Louisa Buck on Museu de Serralves
  • Miriam Rosen on Printemps de Cahors
  • International Shorts

    Rachel Withers
  • International News

    Rachel Withers on Venice Pavilions
  • Vault

    Richard Shone on Dr. Gachet and the van Goghs
  • Passages

    Peter Halley on Nicholas Krushenick
  • Dore Ashton on Allan D'Arcangelo
  • Andy Grundberg on Frederick Sommer
  • Barbara Moore on Dick Higgins