Simone Forti

Judson at 50: Simone Forti

Simone Forti has been choreographing movement and sound since the age of twenty-one. Born in 1935, she immigrated to Los Angeles from Florence, Italy, while still young, and moved to San Francisco in 1956. There, she studied with choreographer and movement practitioner Anna Halprin for several years before leaving for New York and later becoming involved with the group that would be called the Judson Dance Theater. In this interview, which is part of’s ongoing commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Judson, Forti recalls her transition from Halprin’s studio to Robert Dunn’s music composition class in 1959. Deeply inspired by Dunn and his Cageian influence, Forti continues to make work that incorporates everyday practices, improvisation, and chance procedures. Her latest piece, The Fish Is Broke, will premiere at Danspace Project in New York, November 8–10.

Interview with Simone Forti.