For The In Between Days

A playlist by Sarah Davachi

Covers, clockwise from left: Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom (Virgin, 1974); Celeste’s Principle Di Un Giorno (1976, Grog); Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions (Motown, 1973); Yoko Ono’s Season of Glass (Geffen,1981); Catherine Christer Hennix’s Selected Early Keyboard Works (Blank Forms/Empty, 2018); R.E.M.’s Murmur (I.R.S., 1983).

The first half of this year has felt quieter and more pensive, and perhaps a bit lonelier, than last year. Music has been keeping me company in a meaningful way. Here are some pieces I’ve felt myself gravitating toward as I let my mind go into that particular emotional space. I’m also working on a couple of larger recording projects that I’m really excited about—I’m feeding all of these influences into that state of being.

Stevie Wonder, “Golden Lady”

Yoko Ono, “Even When You’re Far Away”

Catherine Christer Hennix, Mode nouvelles des modalités II

Robbie Basho, “Cathedrals et fleur de lis

Robert Wyatt, “Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road”

Alastair Galbraith, “I’m Brave I’m Scared”

John Frusciante, “Running Away Into You”

Celeste, “Principe Di Un Giorno”

Barbara Strozzi, “Lagrime Mie”

Robert Wyatt, “Sea Song”

Hugh Aston, Ashton's Maske performed by Musica Antiqua of London

Kate Bush, “Mother Stands For Comfort”

Catherine Lamb & The Harmonic Space Orchestra, “Prisma Interius VIII”

Carlo Gesualdo, Tenebrae, Feria V 'In Coena Domini'

R.E.M., “Laughing”

Sarah Davachi is a composer and performer of electroacoustic music. Her double album Cantus, Descant was released last year on Davachi’s label Late Music.