View of Nick Cave performance

$190,000 Grant Will Support Nick Cave’s Artist Residency in Shreveport

The Educational Foundation of America has given a $190,000 grant to the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, in support of the cultural development of the nine-block area comprising Shreveport Common. The grant also accompanies a year-long artist-in-residency of Nick Cave. Local artists Karen LaBeau, Kathryn Usher, Heather Beauvais, Jerry Davenport, and Sherry Tamburo are gathering the stories of local residents and interpreting them as artworks that will be featured in the Nick Cave production, AS IS, 2016, a piece that will involve beaded blankets, musical works, and dance compositions.

“We believe that Shreveport Common will become a reality when area Artists make it their home…their place to live, work, and play,” said Heidi Ettinger, chair of the Educational Foundation of America Arts Committee.