Still from Montañas Ardientes Que Vomitan Fuego (Burning Mountains That Spew Flame), by Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado.

54th New York Film Festival Reveals Lineup for “Projections”

The Film Society of Lincoln Center announced today the complete lineup for the Fifty-fourth edition of the New York Film Festival’s “Projections” section, its avant-garde film showcase. Forty-four films will be presented in eleven programs with ten world premieres and thirteen United States premieres. The program will feature a range of titles, from short abstract works to feature-length films and experimental narratives to documentary modes of storytelling that are produced by established as well as up-and-coming filmmakers.

“With the third edition of ‘Projections,’ in the belief that artistic radicalism takes many forms, we're casting a wider net than ever,” Dennis Lim, FSLC director of programming and one of the curators of ‘Projections,’ said. “This is a section of the festival that we hope reflects the perennially fluid nature of experimental moving-image work, the fascinating and exhilarating ways in which visionary artists are always reinventing the medium to both mirror and shape the historical moment.” Lim collaborated with independent curator Aily Nash and program advisor and FSLC programmer at large Thomas Beard to organize the section. The festival will kick off on October 7.

“Projections” will feature the following films:

Program 1: “The Spaces Between the Words”

REGAL, by Karissa Hahn

Steve Hates Fish, by John Smith

Real Italian Pizza, by David Rimmer

Now: End of Season, by Ayman Nahle

See a Dog, Hear a Dog, by Jesse McLean

Twixt Cup and Lip, by Stephen Sutcliffe

Program 2: “Beyond Landscape”

Montañas Ardientes Que Vomitan Fuego (Burning Mountains That Spew Flame), by Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado

Bending to Earth, by Rosa Barba

Ten Mornings Ten Evenings and One Horizon, by Tomonari Nishikawa

Canadian Pacific I, by David Rimmer

Jáaji Approx., by Sky Hopinka

Bad Mama, Who Cares, by Brigid McCaffrey

Ears, Nose and Throat, by Kevin Jerome Everson

Program 3: “The Illinois Parables”

The Illinois Parables, by Deborah Stratman

Die Pferde des Rittmeisters (The Horses of a Cavalry Captain), by Clemens von Wedemeyer

Program 4: “Fade Out”

Old Hat, by Zach Iannazzi

Flowers of the Sky, by Janie Geiser

Answer Print, by Mónica Savirón

Athyrium filix-femina (for Anna Atkins), by Kelly Egan

Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper, by David Rimmer

Ghost Children, by Joao Vieira Torres

Cilaos, by Camilo Restrepo

Luna e Santur, by Joshua Gen Solondz

Program 5: “Site and Sound”

Indefinite Pitch, by James N. Kienitz Wilkins

Europa, Mon Amour (2016 Brexit Edition), by Lawrence Lek

Strange Vision of Seeing Things, by Ryan Ferko

Foyer, by Ismaïl Bahri

Program 6: “All the Cities of the North”

Svi severni gradovi (All the Cities of the North), by Dane Komljen

Program 7: “Pop Culture Clash”

A Boy Needs a Friend, by Steve Reinke

Spotlight on a Brick Wall, by Alee Peoples and Mike Stoltz

Return to Forms, by Zachary Epcar

Dream English Kid, 1964–1999 AD, by Mark Leckey

Program 8: “Dorsky and Hiler”

Autumn, by Nathaniel Dorsky

The Dreamer, by Nathaniel Dorsky

Bagatelle II, by Jerome Hiler

Program 9: “Event Horizons”

Há Terra!, by Ana Vaz

Kindah, by Ephraim Asili

In Titan’s Goblet, by Peter Hutton

Um Campo de Aviação (An Aviation Field), by Joana Pimenta

Electrical Gaza, by Rosalind Nashashibi

Event Horizon, by Guillermo Moncayo

Program 10: “From the Notebook of…”

From the Notebook of…, by Robert Beavers

For Christian, by Luke Fowler

Program 11: “The Human Surge”

El auge del humano (The Human Surge), by Eduardo Williams