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Alex Ito and Howie Chen’s New Project Space Opens in Brooklyn

Artist Alex Ito and curator Howie Chen have teamed up to open a new project space in Brooklyn called Chen’s. They haven’t publicly announced the address of their new venue, but according to an event page on Facebook you can DM them to learn the location. Their inaugural exhibition, titled “There Is Nothing to Divide Us If We Do Not Exist,” will open on June 2 with a reception from 4 PM to 9 PM.

Featuring work by Badlands Unlimited, CFGNY, Gidra, Renée Green, Sara Knox Hunter, and Guadalupe Rosales, the show will examine the way in which modes of publishing and archiving “circulate the complexities that frame individual and communal visibility and agency.” The title shares its name with a collection of poems published by Hunter, a Queens-based writer, in 2016.

In an interview with Alex Greenberger of Artnews, Ito and Chen said: “Chen’s started with the idea of making shows that we want to see. It’s a distillation of a space to its key elements: place, work, context, and people in real terms and no games. The only imperative is to do a good job and be accountable to the ideas, artists, and works we are showing. It’s going to be an occasional gallery, which means we will put on exhibitions and programs when it’s good and ready or not at all.”