Amazon Launches Art Retail Platform

Amazon will launch a virtual art gallery later this year that aims to offer over one thousand artworks from some 125 galleries, reports Julia Halperin of the Art Newspaper. The Seattle-based company will take a sales commission that will range from 5 percent to 10 percent. Halperin notes that thus far the platform has targeted midlevel galleries, including Eleven Rivington, On Stellar Rays, Vogt Gallery, and Zach Feuer. One dealer reports that his gallery was told he could offer art under pseudonym until the website became successful. Most, Halperin writes, are not interested. Said Augusto Arbizo of Eleven Rivington: “I didn’t really have to think much about it and said it wasn’t for me. I have said no to most e-commerce opportunities for the simple reason that I just do not have that much inventory. And we work with very few artists who do editions or prints.”