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Anish Kapoor Sued for Leaving Anti-Semitic Text on Sculpture

In the latest chapter to the ongoing controversy around the anti-Semitic text that vandals wrote on British artist Anish Kapoor’s Versailles sculpture, the artist revealed at a press conference yesterday that a Versailles politician is suing him for opting to leave the offensive message on his work (Dirty Corner, 2015).

According to Nadia Sayej in The Guardian, a complaint has been filed by Versailles municipal councilor Fabien Bouglé against both Kapoor and the president of Versailles palace, Catherine Pégard. The politician, asserting that the artwork now incites racial hatred and insults, said that the artist and Versailles president were both “perfectly aware” and able to “fully recognize the anti-Semitic content of these entries.”

“I think it’s a wonderful reversal; I’ll see him in court,” said Kapoor. “It shows how insane the whole thing is.”

Kapoor has visited his vandalized artwork. “I was there yesterday and I felt like crying,” said Kapoor. “It’s really nasty.” The French president François Hollande said he supported the artist’s choice to leave the graffiti untouched, the artist reported.

“What is the right thing to do?” Kapoor pondered. “I don’t really know the answer. It’s really violent, I want to get rid of it, but maybe this is what the work is asking for.”