Indecline, Grave New World, 2018. Installation view. Photo: Indecline.

Art Collective Creates Gravesites for the Things Trump Killed in 2017

A group of artists snuck onto the grounds of the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey late last Friday night and erected a cemetery—complete with six gravestones, votive candles, miniature American flags, and roses—as an act of mourning for all the things that President Donald Trump allegedly killed in 2017. The grave markers read, “Here Lies Our Future,” “Here Lies the Last Snowman,” “Here Lies Decency,” “Here Lies the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,” and “Here Lies the American Dream.”

Indecline, the collective behind the action, planned Grave New World for the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. “We’d been talking about doing a tombstone project for a long time, and around Halloween the project started coming together,” the collective told Elena Goukassian of Hyperallergic. The artists constructed the tombstones out of wood, which they installed with rebar, and even created a “Trump Cemetery” sign. “We worked for two hours in the snow. It was freezing! The cops drove by a couple times, but they didn’t see us . . . It was really logistically involved and took a lot of planning, much more than our previous projects.”

The artists chose the site because it is the location where, per a Washington Post article published in 2017, Trump wants to be buried. Other projects carried out by the artists include the naked Trump statues that appeared in public areas across the United States in 2016 and the “Ku Klux Klowns,” hung in Richmond’s Joseph Bryan Park last year.