PARADE’s logo.

Art F City to Bring Civically Engaged Public Art to Queens, New York

Art F City, the nonprofit cultural publishing platform founded by the New York–based writer and curator Paddy Johnson, has launched PARADE, the organization’s new programming arm, which aims to support and commission civically engaged public art in Queens, New York. Johnson will run the new initiative with Nancy Kleaver, a nonprofit arts management consultant and community advocate.

“Art F City was originally founded as a blog that would bring people together to discuss and debate art,” Johnson said. PARADE takes this one step further. We’re asking not just how art can bring people together, but how it can improve our lives. We believe that has to start at the level of civic engagement, which is why we’re so excited about PARADE’s inaugural project The Young & Mighty March.”

The event will invite kids of all ages to march through the streets of Queens on Sunday, October 21, giving them the opportunity to express their concerns about political events and draw attention to issues affecting youth ahead of the midterm elections. PARADE will build on Art F City’s thirteen-year history of working with institutions such as the Queens Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and Occupy Museums on initiatives that impact New Yorkers.

Commenting on PARADE, Kleaver said: “Many of us who live in Queens are proud of its diversity, even if we’re not always connecting with one another. PARADE is an experiment to see what happens when we use art to bridge language barriers, cultural differences, and diverging religious, political, and generational ideologies. Our philosophy is that a focus on partnerships between phenomenal artists of all disciplines and the community groups that make up the most diverse borough in the US will connect us all.”