Art Loss Register Helps Track Down Trove of Paintings Stolen Sixteen Years Ago

The Art Loss Register announced today that eight paintings stolen from a Danish home in December 2000 have been found. Last fall, ALR discovered that one of the stolen works—a portrait by the Danish painter Carl Holsøe of a young lady reading a book—was at a US auction house while conducting a routine search of one of its catalogues. Upon realizing that it was registered as a stolen work in its database, ALR immediately contacted the auction house, the insurer, and the Danish authorities.

The police reopened the investigation into the case and learned that the US auction house purchased the piece from a Danish auction house that was only an hour drive from the location where the theft took place.

A warrant was then issued for the residence of the consignor of the work, where the police found the other seven paintings. The stash was returned to the insurance company that paid the owners for the loss of the pieces. The Holsøe portrait remained in the US and ALR negotiated its sale on behalf of the insurer.