Ellen Lesperance, Not the Nightmare, Not the Scream, just the Loving Human Dream — of Peace — the Ever-Flowing Stream. Bring the Message Home, 2014.

Art Matters Announces 2014 Grantees

Art Matters has announced grant winners for 2014. The foundation awarded twenty-eight grants, ranging from three thousand to ten thousand dollars, to artists for specific projects, travel and research, or ongoing work that is aesthetically and socially progressive. The recipients range from Ellen Lesperance, who will be given support for research in the Greenham Commons Women's Peace Camp archives in London, to Senga Nengudi, who will develop a project involving the composition of symphonies, to Kamrooz Aram, who will use funds toward ongoing work related to museum collections of Islamic art. The full list of grantees is as follows:

Mark Allen
Kamrooz Aram
Ouida Angelica Biddle / ORFICE
Wafaa Bilal
Garrett Bradley
Carolina Caycedo
Andrea Chung
Sean Donovan
Craig Drennen
Angela Ellsworth
Rafa Esparza
Christy Gast
Mariam Ghani
Jeffrey Gibson
Michelle Handelman
David Hartt
Ellen Lesperance
Naotaka Hiro & Sid M. Dueñas
Senga Nengudi
Tsz Yan Ng
Kameelah Janan Rasheed
Marco Rios
ET Russian
Tuesday Smillie
Kate Sopko
Tattfoo Tan
Kanako Wynkoop
Steven Yazzie

For information on their individual projects, see the Art Matters website here.