Art on Paper Closes Print Edition After Forty Years

After a run of forty years, Art on Paper magazine––founded by Paul Cummings as the Print Collector’s Newsletter in 1970––has suspended publication, reports Artnet. “We had no choice,” said copublisher Peter Nesbett, who noted that ad revenue had fallen almost 70 percent in the past year. “We just ran out of cash.” Nesbett and his copublisher, Shelly Bancroft, who also run the Triple Candie alternative space, had overseen the magazine since 2004, after acquiring it for “very little money.”

In its heyday, the Print Collector’s Newsletter (which was run by Jacqueline Brody from 1970 to 1996) was the essence of a professional publication, carrying densely detailed reports on new editions as well as chronicles of print auctions and museum exhibitions. “It was a great way for print people to keep track of each other and stay in touch. It was the center of a real community,” said Artnet print specialist Deborah Ripley. Even in its recent form as a glossy magazine, its strong suit was its sections highlighting recent new editions.