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Artforum Contributing Editors Release Statement on Allegations

We, the undersigned contributing editors of Artforum, stand with the magazine’s current and former staff in condemning the publishers’ handling of the allegation of Knight Landesman’s sexual misconduct—as reflected in their original statement, from October 24, denigrating the actions of the woman who first brought this situation to light, as “an attempt to exploit a relationship that she herself worked hard to create and maintain.” Both the alleged behavior and the response to it are deplorable. We are united in our belief that everyone should be able to live and work free from all forms of unwanted contact, intimidation, or coercion for any reason, whether rooted in gender, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, weight, ability, or class. Indeed, our engagement with the magazine has been predicated on a shared investment in this fundamental principle, as emblematized by Michelle Kuo’s recent principled resignation as editor. We express our deep respect for her decision as well as our full support for David Velasco, who is taking her place in this contentious and uncertain time. In the weeks and months to come, we expect the magazine’s publishers both to assume responsibility and to take all action necessary, in coordination with the staff, to ensure a transparent, equitable professional environment free of harassment and discrimination. Given the magazine’s history and longstanding commitments, Artforum’s communities of writers and readers deserve no less.

Jan Avgikos
Daniel Birnbaum
Yve-Alain Bois
Dennis Cooper
Huey Copeland
Thomas Crow
David Frankel
Tim Griffin
Joan Kee
John Kelsey
Donald Kuspit
Rhonda Lieberman
Greil Marcus
James Meyer
Molly Nesbit
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Ida Panicelli
John Rajchman
David Rimanelli
Katy Siegel
Amy Taubin
Tom Vanderbilt
Anne M. Wagner