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Artforum Responds to Misconduct Complaint

Following an inquiry from Artnet regarding a complaint against one of its publishers, Artforum has issued the following statement:

“It came to our attention that Knight Landesman was engaged in a close friendship with a former employee which took place well after she left Artforum in 2012. Four years after her departure, in 2016, she brought a complaint to our notice and we acted immediately to address it.

Despite the fact that she was not an employee of Artforum, we required that Mr. Landesman attend therapy, and took companywide steps to address any workplace transgressions. At no time was Artforum complicit or culpable. In fact, we took her complaint very seriously and used it as an opportunity to strengthen our policies within the workplace.

Her subsequent claim for damages, in 2017, one year after her initial complaint, appears to be unfounded, and seems to be an attempt to exploit a relationship that she herself worked hard to create and maintain. For its part, Artforum is proud of its workplace and will continue to ensure that no transgressions whatsoever will be tolerated by any of our employees, under any circumstances.

Artforum is devoted to the freedom of expression and we have no wish to silence anyone, nor will we engage in any attempts to do so.”

Update as of March 12, 2021: The leadership of Artforum and Amanda Schmitt have worked to achieve a resolution of the lawsuit filed in October 2017. Both parties wish to move forward with a spirit of good will.