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Artforum Staff Condemns Magazine’s Management of Allegations

We, the undersigned staff of Artforum and Bookforum, condemn the way the allegations against Knight Landesman have been handled by our publishers and repudiate the statements that have been issued to represent us so far. We are committed to gender justice and to the eradication of sexual harassment in the art community and beyond. We are now gravely aware of the work that needs to be done at our own publication, and call on the publishers to work with us to create radical and lasting change. There is much more to be said, and in the future we will be addressing these events in greater depth. Our intent right now is to state our position unequivocally.

Annie Belz
Paige K. Bradley
Jessica Butler
Elliot Camarra
Jonathan Campolo
Matthew Carlson
Lauren Cavalli
Dawn Chan
Canada Choate
Tyler Considine
Simone Conway-York
Constanza Armes Cruz
Mira Dayal
Maegan Dolan
Keke Du
Isabel Flower
Maggie Foucault
O.K. Fox
Jashin Friedrich
Alex Garner
Jeff Gibson
Chandra Glick
Elizabeth Grosser
Juan Guo
Miranda Hughes
Leah James
Alex Jovanovich
Lina Kavaliunas
Bitsy Knox
Kate Koza
Alexander Lesy
Sabrina Mandanici
Michael Miller
Melissa Mudry
Jackie Neudorf
Louise O’Kelly
David O’Neill
Lauren O’Neill-Butler
Prudence Peiffer
Alfredo Perez
Julian Rose
Halo Rossetti
Elizabeth Schambelan
Markee Speyer
Andrew Steinmetz
Shannon Timms
Ylenia Tripodi
David Velasco
Emma Weinman
Lloyd Wise 
Eric Wrenn
Courtney Yoshimura
Hanlu Zhang
Sirui Zhang