Artissima Releases Statement on Cancelation of Triple Candie Project

Francesco Manacorda, director of Artissima, has released a statement to elucidate his reasons for cancelling Triple Candie’s project that called into question whether or not Art Povera existed, as previously reported. Manacorda states that after e-mailing Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett of Triple Candie and asking them to clarify their intent and offer a argument “grounded in a deeper intellectual investigation or valuable thesis,” the two curators did not respond to his questions. Manacorda asserts that he further inquired as to whether or not they would consider revisions and once again did not receive a response.

As for canceling the collaboration, Manacorda believes they violated the “contract and all previous agreements that involved the open collaboration between the parts, including assistance and supervision of the entire conception and realization of the exhibition.” Manacorda concludes: “As artistic director of Artissima, I have responsibilities towards the public who attend the fair, as well as to the public institutions that fund it. I feel that I could not defend the show as it stands, given its simplistic and insubstantial content, and slight research grounding . . . I am grateful to Triple Candie for publishing their proposal on their website, and hope that people will form their own ideas about the artistic rigor of the project.”