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Artist Jeffrey Beebe and BravinLee Programs Collaborate on Inflatable Trump Rat

John Lee of BravinLee Programs in Chelsea and artist Jeffrey Beebe have launched a Kickstarter campaign to garner support for an anti-Trump work—a fifteen-foot-tall inflatable rat equipped with an ill-fitting suit, a tie that’s too long, and a comb-over. Once fabricated, the Rat will be loaned to protests across the nation.

According to the project statement, the Rat is meant to be an “enduring sign of resistance and ridicule” that will first be erected near the entrance to Trump Tower in Manhattan before it is shipped elsewhere. Lee and Beebe hope this initiative will “show how artists, art, and the creative community can play a meaningful role during these dark times.”

The campaign has already raised $4,000 of its $10,000 goal. If the donations surpass the project’s asking amount, Lee and Beebe have pledged to make as many rats as the funding will allow. They are also planning to establish the Public Display of Disaffection Political Action Committee, a group that will use art to make resisting the Trump administration more “visually engaging.”