Artist Peter Friedl Withdraws from the Vincent Award Competition

On the verge of the opening of “The Vincent Award,” the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam has announced that artist Peter Friedl will not take part in the contest. The announcement states that Friedl regrets his initial decision to participate in the Vincent Award and has “ethical objections” to the prize and jury. Though the announcement comes right before the exhibition of short-listed artists is to open, Friedl earlier communicated his wish not to be included in the prize because of doubts that it would be “truly democratic.” The museum states that the organization of the prize and exhibition was transparent about the procedure from the beginning. A number of artists were nominated by art professionals from around Europe, five of whom were selected for the short list by an international jury in September 2007. The work of the four remaining nominees will be on exhibit until September 30, and the winner will be announced on September 12.