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Artist Receives Death Threats for Her Anti-Trump Billboard

Artist Karen Fiorito’s billboard in Arizona, which was commissioned by a gallery in Phoenix, is garnering death threats for its creator, according to a report by Paulina Firozi at The Hill. The sign went up last Friday afternoon and shows Trump, wearing a Russian flag pin, surrounded by mushroom-cloud explosions and dollar signs that look like swastikas. Fiorito, an artist and activist from California, has stated that she and her husband have been harassed over the image since Saturday.

Businesses under the billboard have apparently been threatened as well. Of her piece, the artist said, “I feel that I’m really just speaking for other people who might not be able to say anything, or speak out, or may not feel safe in doing so. Part of it, the back of it, is a call to unity. It’s a call for people who feel like they’re in the minority to come together.”