Screenshot from Youtube Video by Shahak Shapira.

Artist Tags Twitter’s Hamburg Headquarters with Hate Speech Drawn from the Social-Media Site

On August 11, the grounds outside Twitter’s headquarters in Hamburg were covered with chalk graffiti full of racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic slurs, according to Edmund Heaphy and Melissa Eddy of the New York Times. The intervention was carried out by the Israeli German artist Shahak Shapira, who amassed the instances of hate speech from hundreds of Twitter users’ posts over six months. The artist claims that most of the messages stay on the platform.

“I’ve reported more than 300 tweets to Twitter,” Shapira said.

Under a new law requiring the removal of hate speech within twenty-four hours of being notified, social-media companies in Germany could be facing huge fines of up to $59 million for failing to respond.