Abraham Poincheval on his sixty-five foot tall perch in front of Gare de Lyon, where he will live until October 1.

Artist to Spend 6 Days Perched on 65-Foot-High Platform for Paris’s Nuit Blanche Festival

As part of Paris’s Nuit Blanche art festival, which will take place on the night of October 1, French artist Abraham Poincheval has installed himself on a small platform overlooking the esplanade in front of one of the city’s main train stations, Gare de Lyon. Poincheval ascended sixty-five feet to reach the lofted five-foot by three-foot platform on September 26. He will live there until October 1, with no protection from wind, rain, or sun.

Poincheval’s performance is inspired by stylites, Christian ascetic who live on pillars from which they preach and pray. But in an interview with the Parisian daily 20minutes, the artist made a contemporary analogy as well. “I’m curious to see how people live in this part of Paris. I am kind of like a living surveillance camera.”