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Artists and Writers Rally Around Apple in Fight Against FBI

The PEN American Center recently sent an open letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch protesting the FBI’s efforts to make Apple allow backdoor access to iPhone encryption. And according to Artnews’s John Chiaverina, the forty-seven people who signed the petition included artists and writers like Lawrence Weiner, Richard Serra, Fred Tomaselli, Robert Caro, and Francine Prose.

“[W]hat the FBI is asking Apple to do would erode the vital U.S. values of free expression and privacy, and could endanger writers and human rights advocates in countries around the world,” the letter reads.

A recent op-ed by Bruce Schneier in the Washington Post noted: “Encryption protects the phones of dissidents around the world if they’re taken by local police.” Schneier added, “Either everyone gets security or no one does. Either everyone gets access or no one does.”